Mini Villages Will Provide Warm Homes - Orphanage to care for 1,000 children

    Wednesday, December 7th 2005
    Telegraph & Argus

    Orphanage to care for 1,000 children

    Bradford Newsquest UK - A Bradford charity is working to set up small villages and an orphanage for earthquake victims after collecting a staggering $600,000.

    Ummah Welfare Trust has already spent $300,000 on basic aid in devastated areas around Kashmir and North West Frontier in Pakistan.

    A further $300,000 has been pumped in to future projects, including an orphanage and special mini villages.

    Building work on an orphanage in Nowshera, named Ummah Children’s Academy, has also been completed and will care for a 1,000 children.

    More than 100 volunteers from the UK and Pakistan are on the ground carrying out vital relief work.

    Shoyeb Mayat, Yorkshire volunteer coordinator for the Ummah Welfare Trust, said: “It’s very dire, especially with the winter. You don’t recognise the area, especially Balakot – 90 per cent has been destroyed – it’s difficult to imagine”

    To date, the White Abby Road charity has helped set up medical camps providing free medical help to around 30,000 people. At present, more than 6,000 emergency kits are being distributed to needy families, comprising of tents, blankets, food and medicines. In Balakot a water supply was built providing much-needed water to 3,000 people.

    Long-term projects are also being planned for the region, focussing on water supplies, a medical hospital, orphanages, orphan sponsorship, schools, mosques and permanent shelter.

    In the past five years the charity has carried out aid work in Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya and Niger.

    Mr Mayat said: “Over the coming weeks we will insure that every penny we raise will be sent to the devastated areas for relief, and support, yet we need the support and generous donations from the general public to make this happen.”

    Donations can be made at or by calling (01274) 390396. (