UCA Construction Update - March/April 2010

    Senior Academic Block B

    The structure of academic block B already has been completed, while the plaster work , bricks, plumber, chips grinding, electrical, steel railing, aluminum windows work are also 100% completed.

    Front View of academic block B Stairwell

    Front View of academic block B

    Half Painted Walls

    Besides this 95 % of tile and paint work is also completed.
    The remaining paint work will be done soon.

    Senior Academic Block C;

    The structure of the senior academic block C including bricks, plaster, steel railing, wood work, aluminum work were 100% completed. While the plumbing, grinding of chips work was completed around 90 %, 95 % of paint & tile work was completed.The laboratory structure is completed while the finishing remains as a team of UWT (Pak) will go to China for the purchase of laboratory equipments and tiles.

    Front view of Academic block C Painting in Progress

    Front view of Academic block C.                                    Electric and paint work is in the final stage at Block C.

    The Lab with children playing.

    Senior Academic Block ;

    The structure of the academic block A including bricks, plumber, electrical, steel railing, wood work were 100 % completed. The structure of the examination hall at block C is completed while the fixing of tiles at the examination hall will be carried out after the purchase of tiles from China. While grinding of chips, aluminum, paint is 90 % completed.

    Side View of Bloack A. Tileing In Progress.

    Side view of Academic block A.                                     Beside this the tile work is in theprogress at block A                                                                                    which will be completed soon.

    Construction of Masjid in UCA;

    The structure of the UCA Masjid including the bricks work is almost completed. While the plaster work is completed on ground and 1st floor and is in the progress on 2nd floor.

    The construction of Meenar is under way. Pictorial view of UCA Masjid Meenar. UCA Masjid Meenar merhab.

    The finishing of Mehrab remains which will be completed after the purchase of tiles from China.