Interpal & Ummah Welfare Trust Joint Gaza Appeal

    Monday, 7th April 2008

    Gaza Crisis Continues

    The current humanitarian crisis in Gaza is intensifying. In the last week alone 123 people, many of whom were children, were killed while hundreds others were wounded. A great number of houses and municipal buildings were completely destroyed. Meanwhile, the relentless siege continues. There is an acute shortage of medical supplies, food, water, fuel to power ambulances and electricity to supply hospitals.

    Interpal in conjunction with Muslim Aid and Islamic Help will be stepping up its response to this humanitarian disaster.

    In order to increase the provision of humanitarian assistance, Interpal, Muslim Aid and Islamic Help launched a live television appeal on the Islam Channel on Wednesday 5th March.

    We are happy to announce that the Ummah Welfare Trust has now joined this effort to help Palestinians in need.

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