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    Orphan - Muhamed Ilyas
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    My name is Ilyas. My fathers name is Abdul Qayyum. I am from Jehangira. I have five brothers and three sisters. We were living happily. Unfortunately we came under the influence to a very lamentable and unhappy situation.

    One day, in May 2000, my father was coming home. His enemies fired on him and he got perished on the spot. After his death there was no one to support us. The only source of income was my mother.

    Then one day my brother read an advertisement in a newspaper that there is an Academy in Soria Khel, which provides free education to the orphan children. So I came here and after passing the entry test, I was admitted in class five.

    UCA is like a paradise for me. Here we have all facilities of life, like boarding and lodging, stationary, standard food and medical facilities. We also have kind compassionate and loving teaching staff. I always stand first in the exam. In future I want to be a pilot so as to protect the aerial boundaries of Pakistan from the incursion invaders.