Jawad Ahmad Pakistan orphan

    Orphan - Jawad Ahmad
    An Image of orphan Jawad Ahmad

    The orphan Jawad Ahmad is a shy, polite and clever orphan from BalaKot. In the year 2005 the earthquake collapsed the class room on his brother and his class fellows in a school. His father couldn’t tolerate the sorrows of his death, became seriously ill, and after a year he also died. His grandfather now took the responsibility to bring him and his brothers up, but his grandfather is too weak to work and to support the family.

    It was fortunate that his grandfather was told by someone about the Ummah Children Academy, that the Academy provides free education along with well furnished accommodation and all other basic necessities to the orphan children.

    Now Jawad Ahmad reads in class two under the supervision of highly qualified teachers in Ummah Children Academy. The Academy also provide the orphan with qualified Ulama. Therefore Jawad reads the 1st para from the Holy Quran and offers his prayers regularly. Jawad hopes to become a doctor one day in service of humanity.