Inam Ullah Pakistan orphan

    Orphan - Inam Ullah
    An Image of orphan Inam Ullah

    Inam Ullah is a polite, calm, obedient and sensitive orphan, reads in class four, accommodated in hostel No. 1 of UCA. He had three brothers and two sisters. One of his brothers also reads and accommodated in UCA. In 2006 his father died in a road accident in the presence of Inam Ullah.

    Inam Ullah says about the accident "I was with my father. I crossed the road and my father was in the center, when a motor cycle came and struck my father. People got around him and then got him it to a car for hospital. I was crying. He received deep cuts in his abdomen. In hospital he was on bed for ten days and on 10th day he died there."

    His father was the only bread winner for his family. Before his father died Inam Ullah and family were living in a rented house, but after his death the family did not have any other source of income, they left the rented house and went to live with his uncle. His uncle is an old person, unable to work. Now the orphan Inam Ullah is a student of class four in UCA. He is provided with the best possible education, medical care, writing material, books and note books along with full furnished accommodation by the UWT. The orphan Inam ullah reads 29th para by Nazira from the Holy Quran.

    UWT also assists his mother. She is provided with a widow sponsorship. His family is happy now. Inam Ullah is looking for a bright future. He wants to become a computer teacher.