Gaza Orphans State of Emergency

    An appeal for the Orphans of Palestine

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    The most recent attacks on Gaza have killed hundreds of innocent men and women and have only exacerbated the number of orphans living in Gaza.
    Due to the political, economical and security instability in the Palestinian territories, thousands of Palestinian children have lost their sole breadwinners. Children were abandoned under merciless conditions, leaving widowed mothers struggling in order to secure their family's basic needs.
    According to the latest studies on orphans in Gaza, there are about 53,000 orphans in Gaza; children who have lost both, or less commonly, one of their parents. Since the last war on Gaza in 2009, that number has gone up by two thousand two hundred (2200).
    The Orphans Welfare Program will be implemented in Gaza by UWT where the main goal is to contribute towards alleviating the suffering of needy orphans and their families. The two major objectives are to improve the economical situation of orphans and their families and to improve their well-being. The scheme will ensure the most deserving lead a good and dignified life.
    The Orphans Welfare Program is divided into two sections. The first is the One to One Sponsorship section, which offers help to orphans in the form of financial support to cover their basic needs. A monthly sum of 40 US Dollar is distributed to orphans every three months.
    The second is the activities section which tends to the orphans’ educational and recreational needs as well as those related to housing, psychological support and other forms of assistance and activities. The orphans also benefit from seasonal projects, for example: the distribution of school bags and uniform, Eid clothes, Eid sacrifices and occasional food packages
    By providing orphans with financial support, families are able to have access to things that we view as basic necessities, including: clothing, medication, school supplies as well as education and much more. Orphans sponsorship is one of our key projects currently being implemented in Palestine.
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