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    PAKISTAN - Ummah Children Academy (UCA) A brief report of the first and second term Exams, 2009-10 at UCA

    According to the syllabus, all the curricular activities of the students were completed and the 1st term exam for the session 2009-10 was taken in the month of October 2009. Under well organized examination system, the overall result was encouraging. Similarly, the mid term exam, for the session 2009-10 was taken in December 2009. Transcripts were sent to independent examiners at Rawalpindi for checking and results were declared in February 2010. A brief summary of the result is given bellow:

    Prep (A) 37 37 0 100 %
    Prep (B) 32 28 4 87.5 %
    One (A) 39 37 2 94.8 %
    One (B) 38 36 2 94.7 %
    Two 31 31 0 100 %
    Three 30 30 0 100 %
    Four 32 31 1 96.8 %
    Five 32 31 1 96.8 %
    Six 34 34 0 100 %
    Seven 29 29 0 100 %
    Total  334  324 10 97 % (Avg.)

    Co-Curricular Activities
    A physical exercise group has been prepared by the Physical Exercise Team, which has seen immense interest within the students. Moreover students took keen interest in the common room activities including debate and different out-door co-curricular activities such as cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, etc.
    UCA Construction
    The structure of academic block B has already been completed, while the plaster work on the front side is in the final stage, otherwise fixing windows and cupboards will be started soon. The structure of the senior academic block C has also been completed, the plaster work on the front side is in progress. While the structure of the Masjid has almost been completed, the last slab was done during month of February. The work on the Masjid Meenar and plaster is also under progress. Besides this tiling and marble work will begin soon. Other Projects... The Slavert to Freedom project has been completed in February. 30 families consisting of 171 members were freed from their landlords in Ghulam Shah deri Badin, Porana Donbala Mir Pur Khaas, Diyal Garh Badin, Chambar Tandu Allah Yar, Seel Gaam Badin, Bakera Sharif Tandu Allah Yar, Tarri Matli Badin, Badin city in Sindh Province. UWT paid off the family debts of these people and set them free from their waderes (landlords) after a long negotiation process. The families were brought to the New Muslim Welfare Association centre, where a small ceremony was held to make dua lead by Maulana Yaqoob Sahib. They were then treated with light refreshments. After the short ceremony cash donations, utensils comprising of buckets of water, thermos, water jugs, tea packs, cooking pots etc were distributed among them. Food items such as chickens, black tea, sugar, flour, matches and other basic essentials like quilts, clothes, shoes and sports item like bat, ball, volley ball, football were distributed among the families and children to help them start a new life. The families were then transported to new Islamabad City Islamic training centre. These families will be living in the training centre for 4 months to learn the Islamic way of life and other rituals. During this period they will be served with free food and accommodation as well as the children will have access to education free of cost. After the course these families will be set free to lead their lives according to Islamic rituals and practice. Ambulances Two ambulances were received by Ummah Welfare Trust (Pak) office during the period of reporting period. These ambulances are very useful for us in emergency situations i.e. road accidents, any emergency situation occurred in Ummah Children Academy where 335 children (orphans) are residing for education. Also in case of IDPs needed to be shifted to various locations we can use these vehicles. We also use these ambulances as a Mobile Clinic (travelling from village to village and serve the poor people who cannot afford to travel for medical consultations. Besides these, several masjids were built during the reporting period. Besides, people continued to receive support from Wana blood bank and the Dialysis centre supported by UWT, as well as well construction.

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