Qiraat and Nasheed Tour 2008 Organised by Ummah Welfare Trust

    Thursday, 7th August 2008
    Islam Radio

    We were very fortunate to have attended the Batley venue for this nationwide tour and were we in for a treat! This was the first time Abu Ali and Abu Muhannad attended the UK and they didn't disappoint. Add to it the recitations by Qaari Saad Nomani and you had the making for one amazing event which will stay in many minds for a long time. Abu Ali truly justified the 'Number one rated nasheed artist in the Muslim world' with his excellent performances in both the Nasheed and the opening Quran Recitation department. Whilst Abu Ali may have been a familiar voice to many attending, Abu Muhannad was relatively new and no doubt surprised a few people with his beautiful voice, especially with the performance of 'Alhamdulilah' which got the crowd joining in with the chorus.

    To top it all off, a short video presentation entitled 'Cry of the Ummah', highlighting the many cases of suffering all around the world and the work UWT does to relieve their pain, brought tears to many eyes and touched many hearts. Once again, we congratulate UWT for an excellent event and we make Dua that Allah (swt) blesses all the good work they do.
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