UCA Construction Update - Jan 2010

    Progress Report of Construction

    Senior Academic Block B

    The picture shows the external view of Academic Block B as the folding work is finished and made ready for plaster. A worker busy in welding and making the safety grill for the stairs at Academic Block B.

    Senior Academic Block C

    The structure of the Senior Academic Block C is complete and the workers are doing the brickwork on the top floor. The picture shows a worker is busy in electrical and chip work.
    The chip work is complete on the ground floor and 2nd floor, but is in progress on the Veranda.  

    Senior Academic Block A

    The structure of the Academic Block A is complete. Plaster, white wash, painting and tile work is in progress and will be finished very soon on the 1st floor.
    A worker is busy in carrying out the white wash process. A mason at the 1st floor plastering the walls.
    The brickwork is complete in the security guard room in front of Academic Block A.  

    Construction of the Masjid at the UCA

    The steel work on the last floor of the Masjid is in the final stages and the slab work will be done soon Inshallah. Apart from this the work on the veranda is also under way. The plastering and electrical work is in progress on the 1st floor of the Masjid.
    The structure of the Mehrab and Gumbad is complete. The paintwork remains to be done. The picture shows the external view of the Gumbad. The picture shows the internal view of the Masjid Mehrab.
    The digging of the sewerage line is also underway near the Masjid.  

    Written by Shah Nawaz Khan Jadoon                                                                   
    Ummah Welfare Trust (Pakistan)