Update: UWT Emergency Relief Operation in Haiti

    Ummah Welfare Trust has responded swiftly to the crisis in Haiti by teaming up with a joint relief operation of the Zakat Foundation of America and its partners who have teams of volunteers on the ground actively distributing desperately needed aid.

    Ummah Welfare Trust was able to immediately deliver emergency relief to quake-struck Haitians within days of the disaster. We have set up a relief post and storage area for goods in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, from where relief materials are transported every alternative day to our field office and storage facility in Port-au-Prince. 

    Aid that initially arrived via plane faced problems at the airport in Haiti, but our quick decision to truck in goods from neighboring Dominican Republic allowed us to start benefiting many needy people just hours after the earthquake had struck.

    Over the last few weeks we have been distributing cooked food to around 3,000 people daily of which almost half are children. St. Clare's Parish centre has been chosen as the distribution because the centre is located in the close proximity of the quake survivors of kazoo slum, a community that had received very little aid.  Fresh food and water is delivered on a regular basis. 7 staff and over 20 volunteers are working night and day to arrange and deliver food packages (rice, beans, cooking oil, sugar, flour) and medicine/hygiene packages to hundreds of homeless survivors every day.

    The Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA), one of the partners in this operation is treating almost 1,000 patients and injured per day. The 2 doctors and other medical professionals rotate their duties to provide primary care at the clinic.

    Our volunteers have also met up with the World Health Organization (WHO) and attended meetings at the UN to finalize logistics for upcoming shipments of medical supplies.

    Br. Khalil Demir, the Executive Director of Zakat Foundation was on the ground for the first 2 weeks to guide and supervise this relief effort. The Haitian TV, as well as many news agencies of the United States, Europe and Turkey covered our relief efforts and interviewed Br. Khalil for his commendable job.

    Since the beginning of relief efforts, the camp where we are based in Haiti has also provided logistics for other relief organizations from around the world.  Ummah Welfare Trust will continue to work with partners in Port-au-Prince to deliver consistent food and medical aid.  Plans are currently underway to establish sustainable development and rehabilitation programs in the hard-hit areas where many children have lost their parents.  Ummah Welfare Trust plans to open an orphanage for these children so that they may receive education, healthcare and shelter in a home-like environment  and recover their lives.

    Haiti Emergency Aid

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