UWT Opens Public Kitchens in Earthquake Affected Padang - West Sumatra

    Press Release
    Fri, 22 October 2009

    UWT as part of its 1st Phase emergency response has set-up public kitchens in seven areas across the Earthquake zone in Padang. These kitchens are providing cooked food twice daily for the affected IDPs who do not have access to kitchen facilities. Food packs for one month are provided to those who can use their own kitchens. More than 500 people of all ages are fed everyday through this scheme. It is an unbelievable disaster that left hundreds without food until the UWT team managed to set up the kitchens.

    The Trust is also organizing support of over 500 volunteers from all over Indonesia who are assisting the clean-up operations caused by the earthquake. This is again a great example of a coordinated response of UWT and its local partner Al-Imdaad Foundation (AIF) to repair damaged homes, Masajid and roads to enable the victims lives to return to some normality. The volunteers are doing a great job in providing free labour to help in the reconstruction process as well as giving spiritual guidance to the aggrieved that have lost their loved ones in the disaster.

    The UWT delegation, Iqbal Rawat and Muhammed Taaha Laher have arrived in Padang to guide and assist the relief and reconstruction efforts.

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