UCA Construction Update - August 2009

    Progress Report of Construction

    Senior Academic Block B
    The structure of the Senior Academic Block B is finished. The chipwork is complete on the ground and first floor. Orphanage in Pakistan

    Floor work (cementing) is in progress on the 2nd floor.

    Academic Block C
    The work on the digging of foundation of the ground floor is finished. Now the shuttering work on the ground floor of academic block C is underway.

    Senior Academic Block A.
    In the Senior Academic Block A the work on the foundation & the brickwork on the ground floor is complete.
    The slab work is also finished on the ground & 1st floor.

    The foundation work of the security guards rooms in front of Academic block A is underway as shown below.

    Construction of Masjid in UCA

    The shuttering work & the slab work is complete on the 1st floor of the Masjid. The work on the ablution area & brickwork is in progress on the 2nd floor of the Masjid.

    The plaster work is in progress on first floor of the Masjid.