How to donate Fidhya, Kaffarah & Nadhr

    Fidhya, Kaffarah and Nadhr all fall under the category of Sadaqah Wajibah (click here for more info), this means that the same ruling is applicable on all three on how and where to spend the money. To donate to Fidhya, Kaffarah and Nadhr select a project and choose the intention as 'Sadaqah Wajibah,' like the example below:  

    IMPORTANT:  Fidhya (for not being able to fast) can only be given to food aid, according to the Qur'an.

    Note: UWT doesn't need to know if people have donated Fidhya, Kaffarah or Nadhr, so long as we know what category it falls under (Sadaqah Wajibah), we can then spend the money correctly.