Report - Mount Snowdon Challenge 2009

    Event Organised by Islamic Posters in Conjunction with Ummah Welfare Trust
    May 10, 2009

    The recent atrocities which took place in Gaza left a deep scar not only on the Gazans but rather on every freedom loving human on this earth. The cries of the orphans and the silent sighs of the widows echoed throughout the world and will continue to be heard for a long time. The people of Great Britain in particular have always been sympathetic towards the Palestinians, and Palestinians have great support both morally and financially from the British people.

    The zeal for making a change triggered off the idea of the Mount Snowdon sponsored walk challenge. The idea of this venture was to raise money for a unique project recently launched by the well known Islamic Charity Ummah Welfare Trust (Reg charity number 1000851) based in Bolton, UK.

    Along with medical and food aid the Ummah Welfare Trust launched an appeal where it decided to give grants of $1000/£700 per family affected by the Israeli onslaught.
    The date of the sponsored walk was set for the 10th of May 2009, coaches left early in the morning from London, High Wycombe, Bolton, Slough, Bradford, Blackburn and other towns and cities across the UK. Over 400 participants arrived at their destination at approx 11am. Each individual started the walk with great enthusiasm in a bid to help the Gazans.
    Throughout the walk the volunteers compared their difficulties in climbing the Mount Snowdon to the difficulties faced by the Palestinian People daily. Looking at the hardship they were facing the volunteers realised that this was just a small comparison between them and the Palestinians.

    One of the volunteers Abdullah from Bradford said ‘the Palestinian people have been suffering for a very long time, and it is our duty as humans to help them in whichever way possible whether it be through sponsored walks or charity bazaars, we must do whatever is in our means to help them’.

    One of the volunteers from Bolton named Muhammed Vali who is blind had also managed to reach the summit. Onlookers were heartened at his brave and courageous attempt all in the name of helping the suffering people of Gaza. 

    This sponsored walk proved to be a huge success and generated funds in excess of £15,000 towards helping the Palestinians in need.

    Ummah Welfare Trust would like to thank Billa of Islamic Posters and all the volunteers who helped to make this event a success.