Frontier Province Report

    The situation in the Buner & Swat districts is extremely hazardous due to the military operation taking place there. Most of the population have left their homes due to continuous bombing and shelling. A large number of people have sustained serious injuries as shown below:

    The situation in the whole of Malakand division, especially in the Buner district is becoming miserable daily and thousands of families are leaving their homes and migrating to safer areas. As shown in the pictures below people are living along roadsides, under harsh weather conditions and in the open skies.

    Responding to the crisis in the Buner district and the Malakand Division (which includes the Swat district) Ummah Welfare Trust (Pakistan) has started critical relief efforts to help the affected people of that area. UWT (Pakistan) has setup four different camps. The details of the camps are given below.

    1. Saleem Khan Camp Swabi.

    This camp is located at the main entry to the Swabi district from Buner. This is the only safe exit from Buner as there is a curfew in place everywhere else, due to no law and order. The displaced families are coming from Buner along this route, mostly on foot and some using transport.

    2. Chota Lahore Camp Swabi

    The camp location has been provided by the district government of Swabi for the IDPs of Buner, it is situated at the old irrigation restaurant at Chota Lahore. Due to non-availability of space in Saleem Khan Camp people are being moved to this camp. There are currently 54 families and 400 individuals living at this camp.

    3. Sheikh Shahzad Town Camp Mardan.

    This camp is located on Charsada road Mardan at Shahzad model town. This camp consists of those who came from Swat and other areas of Malakand division. About 600 families are living in this camp.

    4. Rustam Camp (Chargul).

    This camp is located on Mardan Rustam road .This camp location has been setup by the district government of Mardan for the affected people of Malakand division .This camp includes about 1000 affected families of Swat and Buner.


    In the above four camps Ummah Welfare Trust (Pakistan) is distributing cooked and dry food, community kitchen facilities and family food packs that include cooking oil, tea, sugar etc.

    As the number of migrants increase daily within these camps, UWT is cooking 1500 kilograms of rice daily, and distributing this food amongst the refugees. About 5000 to 6000 people are benefiting daily from the cooked food provided by the UWT staff and volunteers.

    People are eating the cooked food provided by UWT as shown in the picture below:

    2. Medical Facilities.

    UWT is also providing free medical camps to help the displaced people. As these people are coming from distant areas on foot, most of the people arriving at the camps are extremely tired and mentally depressed; they are suffering from different ailments such as diarrhoea and fever.

    The refugees have doctors (male/female) available for diagnosis and treatment. UWT is also providing free medication to ill and injured people. About 400-500 patients are being checked daily by the doctors at the different camps.

    The UWT ambulances are also on hand 24 hours a day and are continuously taking the seriously ill and injured people to the main hospitals.

    Senior Minister Bashir Ahmad Belur has visited the Sheikh Shahzad Camp Mardan run by Ummah Welfare Trust and appreciated the activities of UWT for the Buner people. The Senior Minister advised UWT (Pakistan) team to carry out such critical welfare activities in similar areas around the country. Bashir Ahmad Belur also promised the UWT team that he will help UWT in every way he can, so that the charity continues to carry out such relief efforts in the future for deprived people within Pakistan and around the world. Picture of the Minister below:

    UWT is currently providing juice, biscuits and dry milk to approximately 2500 to 3000 children on a daily basis at the four camps. The smile on the children faces when they receive such small gifts is worth so much.

    One of the Many Sad Stories

    In the Rustam camp one child whose name is Amir is disabled, Amir is from Mingora, Swat. Amir’s father told UWT that when the military operation started in Swat they quickly left their home and travelled for three days on foot, during the three days they had nothing to eat. The father told UWT that his son was always quite healthy, but when they started the difficult journey the health of his son started deteriorating and he is now in great pain as shown in the picture below.

    The displaced people of Buner district are praying for UWT’s continued success in carrying out relief efforts for the affected and deprived people across the world.

    Written by
    Ummah Welfare Trust (Pakistan)