Gambia Mosque Completion Project

    Country: Gambia
    District: Kombo South
    Town/Village: Sifoe

    Sifoe is one of the largest agglomerations of Kombo administrative division.  It is about 150 compounds with a population of nearly 1,000 people.  Almost 90% of the population are Muslims. Sifoe Nehma is the extension of Sifoe. It is the new settlement area.  It has no mosque and the population has to walk long distances to go to the main mosque at the centre of Sifoe. This lack of mosque constitutes a weakness in performing Jammah prayers and in developing mosque attendance attitude into Sifoe Nehma children.

    The community decided to embark on building their own mosque. They did build the main structure with local material but cannot complete it because they required funds to purchase material not found in the locality. They are looking for roofing materials, paint, rendering, floor concreting, doors and windows, prayer mats and a P.A. system.

    Although the mosque is not finished yet, the community members have demonstrated huge enthusiasm towards building the mosque, by physically investing themselves in the labour. This can explain the fact that people are usually proud of a community built mosque, for this reason, prayer attendance is very high

    Breakdown of cost in GBP & local currency

     Job/Service Gambia Amount (D) GBP Amount
    Doors and windows  15,000  £ 428.57
    Rendering  18,000  £ 514.28
    Concreting the floor  12, 500  £ 357.14
    Painting  12, 000  £ 342.85
    Roofing  31, 000  £ 885.71
    Prayer mats  7, 000  £ 200
    P.A. System  12,000  £ 342.85
    Implementation costs  3,501.05  £ 100.03
    TOTAL  115, 500  £ 3,300

    Number of beneficiaries: Approximately 200 daily
    Total cost to complete the project: £ 3,300

    Alhamdulillah, this Masjid project has been completed.