Mosque Completion in Senegal

    Mosque Completion in Senegal (COMPLETE)

    Country: Senegal

    District: Ziguinchor

    Town/Village: Diouloulou

    Diouloulou Madina is one of the main suburb settlements of Diouloulou. It comprises about 200 compounds with a population of nearly 2000 peoples.  Almost 90% the population are Muslims.

    As Diouloulou Madina is a new settlement, there was no mosque in the area. People have to go to town to pray Jammah. This is why the community decided to build a mosque. Collectively they provide the labour (both qualified and unqualified labour) and individually everybody contributed to raise the funds for the materials.

    But due to the poor funding capacity of the community members, the mosque is still not complete. The doors and windows are built from scrap material and cannot resist the wind. There are no proper praying mats, the walls are not rendered and the floor is not concrete. There is no P.A.System and no electricity facility, despite Diouloulou benefiting from the government’s rural electrification program.

    Being proud of themselves for taking the initiative and for building the mosque themselves, the community members are regularly attending prayers, despite the unfinished status of the mosque.

    Breakdown of cost in GBP & local currency


    Local Currency

    GBP Amount

    Doors and windows

    340,000 f cfa



    400,000 f cfa


    Floor concreting

    270,000 f cfa



    200,000 f cfa


    P.A. System

    230,000 f cfa


    Implementation (ledgers, managements etc)

    118,000f cfa








    Estimated number of beneficiaries: About 200 daily beneficiaries

    Total amount required: GBP £ 2,300