UWT in cooperation with South African Al-Imdaad Foundation and FI Research Center launches 3rd aid program in support of 5000 families in Gaza

    22 April, 2009
    Fact International - Exclusive

    GAZA - As part of its massive aid campaign in support of the Gaza Strip families ruined by recent Zionist assault, the British Islamic Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) in cooperation with the South African  Al Imdaad Foundation and in coordination with Fact International Research and Studies Center launched its third aid program to provide financial support to 100 families, $1000 each.

    The overall humanitarian campaign is planned to cover 5000 families hit most by the recent Zionist onslaught on the coastal enclave. 

    The first stage of the UWT-funded aid campaign started following the Zionist attack when 130 families from the Gaza Strip received $130,000. Most of these families have had their homes partially or completely destroyed in Israeli air raids.  In the second stage 48 families received their financial aid. An overall survey was made by the campaign organizers in cooperation with Al Sahabah and Al Wefaq charities in Gaza to determine which families are in urgent need for support. 

    The third stage was launched in coordination with the Palestinian Awqaf Ministry in Gaza which provides a list of names of families to a special committee to study their social conditions and decide on the financial aid for each family. Other aid programs will follow within the frame of the campaign to cover the 5000 families.

    In exclusive remarks to FI,  Iqbal Rawat, UWT coordinator in Gaza said the financial aid campaign was launched after field studies and meeting with officials in the Gaza Strip. 'We came up with the conclusion that cash money is much more helpful than in kind assistance to the ruined families because these families know better what they really need.' Besides, given Israel's systemic closure of border crossings, it is difficult to bring relief supplies into Gaza and large quantities of aid items are damaged because they stayed for long periods at the border points as a result of the Zionist siege, Rawat said.

    He explained that the campaign organizers were cooperating with more than one party in the Gaza Strip to make sure that financial aid is not limited to a specific group of families and that the largest number of families are benefiting from this humanitarian effort. Strict measures and criteria have been adopted to sort out the families that are really in need of this support regardless of any political affiliations. 'This is humanitarian aid and it should be distributed to all  Palestinian needy families,' he said.

    Fact International called upon the families which have not received aid so far to send their names and phone numbers to Fact International website http://www.factjo.com or e-mail alimdaadjordan@factjo.com.

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