UCA Construction Updates - April 2009

    Progress Report of Construction

    Tuftiles and Curbstones:
    The work on tuftiles and curbstone for the footpath in front of junior academic block & teacher residence is complete.

    The Tuftile work was completed in front of Student Hostel II, Kitchen and in back of Teacher Residence as shown below:

    The rockwall work has been completed in the Junior Academic Block, Hostel Two and Teachers Residence, whilst the rockwall work is under progress in the Hostel One as shown in the picture:

    Rock wall in progress at Hostel One as shown in the picture.

    Senior Academic Block A
    In the Senior Academic Block A the work on the layout, digging foundation and brick work is complete whilst the work on shattering is in progress:

    Masjid progress:
    Shattering work is completed as shown below:

    The work on the first roof of the Masjid is in progress as shown below:

    Tile Work in Junior Academic Block.
    The tile work has been completed in the Junior Academic Block.

    Teacher's Residence
    Medical Ward grinding is completed and starts functioning.

    Internal view of Medical Ward:

    Junior Academic Block (complete)

    Student Hostel II (complete)

    Written by:
    Ummah Welfare Trust (Pakistan)