Mount Snowdon Challenge 2009

    Mount Snowdon Challenge 2009


    The Trek

    Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and is Great Britain's highest mountain south of the Scottish Highlands. It offers some of the most spectacular views in the country standing at a height of 1,085 metres (3,560 ft).

    The challenge will be to scale the peak of the mountain, this will take plenty of guts, determination and hard work, but it’ll be an experience of a life time Insha-Allah. There are 6 ways to get up mount Snowdon. The most popular way to get up is Miners track. This is not the easiest but nor is it the hardest, but Insha-Allah you will see the most spectacular views. We will start at the Penn y Pass


    This event is for brothers only. All participants should be over 16 years, unless accompanied by guardians.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    How do we travel to Snowdon?
    You will travel from your city together with other challengers by coach. You will be contacted to let you know the meeting point and time. Please ensure you are on time as the coach cannot wait for individuals.
    What shall I wear?
    Wear comfortable clothes e.g. loose trousers or bottoms and a loose top.
    How about trainers?
    We recommend light hiking boots for ankle safety.
    Do I need to bring my own food and water?
    Yes, but please remember you will be carrying your own food. Ensure you bring a lot of water and small snacks to keep you going.
    Do I need money?
    There is a small souvenir shop at the top where you can also purchase certificates that prove you have climbed! We will be walking down, however if someone is totally exhausted, there is an option of taking a train down at a cost to yourself of roughly £15.
    Are there toilets on the way up?
    There are toilets where we start our journey at the Penn y Pass and also when we reach the top. But we advise that they are not a pretty site. Try to control what you eat for breakfast or the night before so you are not rushing for the toilet. There are no toilets on the way up but from previous experience, even after drinking a lot of water, a lot of it tends to be used up in re-hydrating your body.
    Will there be any professional guides?
    Yes, there will be a couple of experienced brothers in each group to guide you if you wish.
    Will there be any qualified first-aiders?
    Yes, again there will a couple brothers per group who are qualified first-aiders.
    How long will it take to reach the summit?
    We intend to get to Wales by 11am where we will meet with the rest of the groups. We will then begin the walk and stop a couple times for breaks and lunch. We aim to complete the whole trek in roughly 6-7 hours and then make our way back.

    All money going to Gaza
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    If you would like more information, please contact the Ummah Welfare Trust head office on 01204 383 732,
    your local UWT rep, or the organisers on 07973 214603.

    For London enquiries, please contact
    07930 662324 or

    For Blackburn enquiries, please contact
    01254 674 487

    For Batley/Bradford enquiries, please contact
    07921 299 063 or

    You can also sponsor this walk by sending
    donations to UWT Head Office
    351 Derby St, Bolton, BL3 6LR.

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    Snowdon Challenge Pack

    Download the Snowdon Challenge Pack
    by clicking here. This pack contains a
    sponsorship form which you can use.

    IMPORTANT: The Disclaimer and any Medical
    Conditions needs to be filled in and handed to your
    local UWT Rep (contained in the above pack).

    The Snowdon challenge pack also contains important
    notes on what equipment to bring,
    please read thoroughly.

    Download the Snowdon Challenge Poster
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