Report of Aid Distribution in Gaza

    In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful.

    May all praises be to Allah, the Sustainer of the universe and salutations and peace be upon the greatest creation of Allah our master Muhammad peace be upon him  and upon his noble family and companions and upon those that follow  upon their  path from amongst the Sahaba and the Tabieen until the day of Judgement.

    A general picture of the Gaza strip after the aggressive Israeli war

    Dr. Zakariya- As- Shaykh (the state committee  for media and studies) visited Gaza during the Israeli war (17th of Jan 2009).  Seeing  the terrifying sight of the widespread destruction  has engulfed thousands of  Palestinian homes. A wide spread destruction enveloped economic buildings as well as factories. More than 1500 Palestinians were killed and double that number were injured. Their families were left with their bitter realities and Dr Zakariyya returned with a firm intention to help the most effected of the families throughout this conflict.

    The convoy from ‘the reality of the state’ came together with the convoy of UWT England and brought forward with it a variety of aid such as food, clothing and medicine. Surplus to this generous amounts of money was distributed upon those whose houses were demolished and their breadwinners were killed  in the two worst hit areas to the east of the Gaza strip, namely Jabal-Ar-Raees and Jabal-Al-Kashif.

    The destruction Gaza had seen in general and specifically the areas of ‘Hayy As samuni’ which comes under ‘Hay Azaytun’ east of Gaza, and Jabal ar Raees and Jabal Al Kashif. , Salateen in Bayt Lahiya and Atatirah to the west of Bayt Lahiya and the area of Abu Iydah east of Jibaliyah and Gaza, and many other areas in Khan Yunus. Rafah to the south of Gaza were all too disturbing that they may be described in words or that they may be pictured or videoed.

    The occupation forces have destroyed everything worthy of life in this area.  No house, factory, business, fertile land, men, women or child were spared. Everything was targeted by the Israeli fighter jets, Israeli tanks and by the Israeli warships.

    Program of Distribution of Aid

    The need was to find out and research the worst hit families and to find out those who were in need of immediate financial help in order that they  may restart their lives after a savage war which ate the dead before the living ones.

    The victims did receive financial help from the Palestinian government in Gaza in the following order.

    1.     €4000 for every house destroyed totally.

    2.     €2000 for every house destroyed partially.

    3.     €1000 for the family of a person killed.

    These allocations closely meet to the amounts stipulated by the UNDP (United Nations Development Program). In effect, these amounts are trivial in comparison to the destruction caused to the Palestinian people.

    After receiving the $130,000 in to the account of As-Sahaba organisation which is headed by Shaikh Ali-al- Ghifri on the 19/02/2009, Shaikh Ali al Ghifri and the deputy head of the organisation Ali Al Battah (director) of the ‘ reality of the state foundation’ came together in Gaza. The group was joined by  Shaikh Amjad Hamadah and Shaikh  Muhammad Ahmed from As Sahabah organisation and Ali Sharrab, Muhannad Al Saqa and Ahmed Abu Zuhriy from the ‘reality of the state foundation’ to find out  of the 130 most needy families liable of this immediate funding.

    This group/organisation started working from the early hours of Saturday 21/02/2009 to research in to the worst hit of the families. The group strolled the area which were hit to pick out those that were in need the most.

    The first of these observation trips was on Saturday in the area of Samuni east of Gaza which saw a complete destruction of its houses, factories trees and its people. We met with some of the local victims men, women wives of the killed and young ones the children of the killed. The stories were very disturbing  and caused much grief. We found for example a women who lost her husband her son and her  home was destroyed, like the widow Maysa As Samuni wife of the killed Rashaad Samuni, and Masudah Samuni and many more from the widows and orphans.

    After deep research and fine filtering  the group decided to donate $1000 on behalf of UWT to the worst hit amongst the families  to help them  face the hardships of their day to day life, they received the donations with great happiness and joy , visible on the faces  of the widows and orphans.

    The group also witnessed the destruction in Hayyal Jarw situated near the mountain Raiese which is in between  East Gaza and Jabaliyah on the second day of the observation trip. Sunday (22/02/2009) and counted the houses that were destroyed by the Israeli army during the war. The group then decided  on behalf of UWT to give $1000 per head of family to a number of families whose homes were destroyed totally or partially  after listening to eyewitness accounts .

    On the third day the group went on a observation trip to the areas of  Abd Rabuh, Abu Iydah to the east of Jabaliyah, Salateen and Darduwnah where the  destruction was beyond explanation. So the group decided to grant a sum of $1000 to the worst hit of families on behalf of UWT.

    The group worked towards filling in the UWT feedback forms  for each and every one of the recipients to verify the details. The group also endeavoured to verify the aid by way of Photographic evidence and video recording. And by giving articles of its activity to local Palestinian web sites and newspapers.

    Administrational notes

    Dr Zakaria took care of the financial expenditure for the workers in the group which included the wages for two days for three workers , hire expenses  of the vehicle for the transportation of the group, food and all other necessities needed to complete this program in the best possible way.

    No sooner had the victims heard of the distribution of financial aid that they surrounded the organisation in their quest for financial aid, the group also received many phone calls from many Palestinian  relief organisations asking for help. Also many medical organisations contacted the group asking for medical equipment and supplies.

    Request to the Aid Agencies

    Your maimed brothers would eagerly wait for more donations for the thousands of families who lost their father, son, mother, wife, house, farmland, shops, garages and everything in their possession in this vicious war. The phone did not stop ringing with the tens of people who were wanting the same financial help which was given to their brothers.

    We wish from organisations to carry out relief programs and also income generating programs to widen the scope for employment in Gaza strip, which needs every help and assistance it can get in order that its occupants may remain steadfast.

    Finally as the responsible person for organising the distribution of aid in Gaza on behalf of UWT and AL IMDAD would like to thank greatly the brothers in UWT and AL IMDAD for what they have brought forward for their brothers in Gaza.

    Asking the All Protector the Highest and Most Magnificent that he put it in the scales of their good deeds, indeed he is the best Protector and the best Helper.

    Please accept with all respect and acknowledgment

    Ali Takreem Al Battah

    Gaza, Occupied Palestine
    Monday 02/03/2009