Progress Report of Construction at the Ummah Children Academy

    Progress Report of Construction at the Ummah Children Academy

    January & February 2009 Period
    By Ummah welfare Trust (Pakistan) - 05/03/2009


    1) Junior Academic Block (complete).



    2) Student Hostel II (complete)


    3) UCA Hostel 1
    In January 2009  Electrification, plumbing, Tiles ,Marbles, Chips,  Windows Glass fitting, and Wood work has been completed in UCA Hostel I.



    This area is connected with Ablution block, Paint & Tile work is in last stages.


    Door work and Rock wall to be done in near future.


    4) Hostel 1
    Dining Hall in basement of Hostel I.





    First Floor (Hostel I).

    Rooms (Hostel I)


    5) UCA Masjid
    In the first week of January construction of UCA Masjid has been started and at the first phase layout, and leen, Excavation of the basement has been completed.





    Layouts for Minar of Mosque building.


    2nd week fitting, steel fixing and concrete work was done.

    6) Teachers Residence
    The plaster and chips work has been completed at Teacher’s residence & basement in the Hospital Area.




    Teacher’s Residence Basement.


    Hospital Ward




    Grinding of Floor is in progress.




    7) Teacher’s Hostel


    Grill’s work is almost completed in this block.



    8) Ablution Block Aluminum work.






    9) UWT Office shifted to Teacher’s Residence building basement.


    Old Office



    New Office