Community groups 25,000 donation is a breath of fresh air

    Breath of fresh air

    14 November 2008
    Laura Dennis, Communications Officer, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
    Community group's £25,000 donation is a breath of fresh air
    Children who have undergone surgery will benefit from state-of-the-art equipment made possible by the Ummah Welfare Trust.

    The charity, which raises funds for charities across the world has donated £25,000 to buy an Invos monitor which monitors the oxygen levels in the brain during and after surgery. The group raises £4 million each year in the UK and the money is used to help disaster victims and fund development work in developing countries.

    The group chose to donate to Leicester's hospitals after hearing about the appeal on local radio. Spokesman Zakir Taylor explained how the money was raised within the UK and they wanted to give something back.

    The INVOS is the first and only patient monitoring system that is non-invasive and continuously monitors changes in the regional oxygen saturation of the blood in the brain.

    The INVOS Cerebral Oximeter measurement is made by non-invasively transmitting and detecting harmless, low intensity and near infrared light through SomaSensors that are placed on both sides of a patient's forehead.
    Use of the patient monitoring system allows medical professionals to monitor changes in cortical blood oxygen saturation and take corrective action. Research and clinical experience indicates that such action can prevent or reduce risks during surgery and other critical care situations.

    Debbie Adlerstein, charity fundraising manager for Leicester's hospitals, said: 'We are incredibly grateful for the support from our local Muslim community. This is cutting edge equipment and will improve the care of many of our patients and ensure we continue to provide the best possible treatment.'


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