Eid ul Adha 1438

    The Companions of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ asked, 'O Messenger of Allah, what are these sacrifices?'
    He said, 'The Sunnah of your father Ibrahim'
    They asked, 'What is there in them for us, O Messenger of Allah?'
    He said, 'For every hair, one reward.'
    They asked, 'And for wool, O Messenger of Allah?'
    He said, 'For every strand of wool, one reward.'
    [Musnad Ahmad]

    Ummah Welfare Trust wishes a joyous 'Eid to the whole Ummah on this blessed Day of Sacrifice.

    On this day, we remember the eminent friend of Allah, Ibrahim 'alayhis-salaam, who set an example for all who came after him. He destroyed the idols, disavowed Allah's enemies and migrated for His sake. He remained alone and yet said: 'Verily I am going to my Lord, he will guide me.' (Q37: 99).

    And he submitted to Allah completely when he offered his young son, Ismail, as a sacrifice to Him.

    Alhamdulillah, today we follow his Sunnah. In these days of tashreeq, Ummah Welfare Trust will sacrifice over 12,500 animals for needy Muslims across the Ummah. The charity asks Allah to accept this great sacrifice on behalf of all its donors.

    May Allah enable us to follow our father, Ibrahim, and be ready to sacrifice all that is beloved to us for His sake.

    May Allah accept from us and from you.