New Livelihoods Update (June 2017)

    'It is better that a person should take a rope and bring a bundle of wood on his back to sell so that Allah may preserve his honour, than that he should beg from people (regardless of) whether they give to him or refuse him.'
    [Sahih al Bukhari]

    New livelihoods are best solution to help families break the cycle of extreme poverty. Liveslihoods bring a family income. More income means more choice. Choice to buy better foods, pay for schooling, get healthcare, and even to invest and earn more money.

    Alhamdulillah, in the past six months, Ummah Welfare Trust has provided the following livelihoods.

    Country Livelihood Projects Beneficiaries Expenditure
    Chechnya Cattle breeding
    Kiosk stores
    62 families £49,364.43
    Iraq Vocational Training
    Sewing Machines
    120 families £22,000.00
    Philippines Vegetable Farming
    Kiosk stalls
    35 families £5,000.00

    Chechnya IGP

    Iraq IGP

    Philippines IGP