Posting Advice

    Send your cheques, postal orders or completed forms to:

    Ummah Welfare Trust, 578 - 600 St Helens Road, Bolton, BL3 3SJ

    Please check the following when sending postal donations to our donation department.

    1. Ensure the address is correct and legible.
    2. Ensure there is a return address written on the back of the parcel or envelope.
    3. As mail is now priced according to weight and size, please ensure that it is correctly stamped.
    4. Please make sure any cheques, postal orders and forms are completed in full and signed prior to posting.
    5. If a receipt is required, you may wish to enclose a stamped addressed envelope to help reduce the charity's administrative costs.
    6. Make your cheques, postal orders, etc. payable to: Ummah Welfare Trust.
    7. Please specify whether your donation is Zakah, Sadaqah or Lillah, and what project it is for. Also provide a contact number in case of any issues..

    Cheques for Qurbani 2018 are not being accepted any more. You can still donate by card or over the phone.

    Please do not send cash by post. Ummah Welfare Trust will not be held liable for any money lost in the post.

    If you wish Ummah Welfare Trust to claim gift aid on your donation, click here to fill in the gift aid form.

    To learn more about Gift Aid, please click here.