Qurbani 2016

    Qurbani (or Udhiyyah) is one of the great symbols of Islam. It commemorates the obedience of Ibrahim 'alayhis-salaam, the Imam of Islamic Monotheism, who was inspired by Allah to offer his son, Isma'eel, as a sacrifice to Him.

    Following his complete submission, Allah ransomed Isma'eel with a ram which Ibrahim sacrificed instead. And Allah says, 'And We ransomed him with a great sacrifice (i.e. a ram).' [Al Qur'an, 37:107]

    In honour of this, Muslims sacrifice animals (also referred to as 'Udhiyyah') as an act of worship to Allah during the period from after the Eid prayer (10th Dhul Hijjah) until the last days of tashreeq.

    Alhamdulillah, the act of Qurbani is a established Sunnah, and even considered obligatory by many Islamic scholars.

    The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said,
    'Whoever offers a sacrifice after the prayer, has completed his rituals (of Eid) and followed the way of the Muslims.'
    [Sahih al Bukhari]

    With Ummah Welfare Trust, you can offer your Qurbani in one of 19 countries this year. Not only can you fulfil the Sunnah, but you can do so while feeding the poor and forgotten in the Ummah.

    Particular attention this year has been given to areas inside Syria. Ongoing fighting here has left millions of Muslims in need of unprecedented help. See the prices to see what suits you and your family best.

    Afghanistan 85 305 44
    Albania 70 - -
    Bangladesh 80 550 79
    Chechnya 96 775 111
    Gambia 90 450 65
    India - 110 16
    Iraq 200 1,175 168
    Kashmir 85 305 44
    Malawi 35 - -
    Nepal 56 135 20
    Palestine 200 1,700 243
    Philippines 90 310 45
    Pakistan 85 305 44
    Senegal 90 450 65
    Somalia 70 - -
    Sudan 100 400 58
    Tanzania 30 140 20
    Yemen 100 - -
    Most Needy
    85 305 44

    East Qalamoun 157
    West Qalamoun 182
    Homs 762
    West Ghouta 300
    Idlib 135
    Aleppo 180
    Dara'a 155

    - A small animal is equivalent to 1 share. A large animal is equivalent to 7 shares.
    - Deadlines for Qurbani donations are subject to country/area quotas being filled.
    - Cheques and postal orders, with details of your Qurbani, must be received by 31/08/2016. Personal details, including a contact number should be provided.

    May Allah allow us to adhere to the traditions of this noble religion; and grant us the ability to follow the Sunnah of His khaleel, Ibrahim 'alayhis-salaam, in the coming days.