A New Masjid in Kurbin, Albania

    Many masjids in Albania are dilapidated and remain unused. Masjid Abu Hurrairah in the town of Gjoram, Kurbin, was one such masjid.

    The masjid was badly damaged in 2000 due to flooding. The local community couldn't afford to repair the masjid and it slowly deteriorated until it became unusable in 2006.

    For the last nine years, residents in the town have travelled at least 10km to another town for their prayers.

    Alhamdulillah, this all changed recently when, with your donations, Ummah Welfare Trust helped complete the renovation of the masjid. It today caters for the needs of approximately 1,000 Muslims in Gjoram.

    'Whoever build a mosque for Allah - be it large or small -
    Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.'

    (Sunan at Tirmidhi)