Ramadhan 2015 Summary


    Your donations this year supported thousands of families in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and thousands more across the districts of KPK, Punjab, and Kashmir, in Pakistan.

    In the subcontinent, over 2,000 families in India and Bangladesh received Iftaar packs, with rice forming the bulk of the provisions.

    Disaster victims were also helped. Four thousand families in Nepal, still reeling from this year's earthquake, and 2,500 Rohingya families in Sittewe, Burma, received staples of rice, flour and oil.

    Finally in the Far East, nearly 2,000 families in Mindanao, Philippines, received rice, oil and local staples, alhamdulillah.

    Middle East

    Over 2,000 displaced families in South West Yemen, including many Eritrean refugees, received Iftaar provisions, alhamdulillah. While in Iraq, 2,000 families in Kirkuk, who had fled fighting in Anbar, were supported.

    In Gaza, a cooked Iftaar programme was implemented. Alhamdulillah here, 10,000 meals were prepared and delivered to families.

    The largest of Ummah Welfare Trust's Middle East programmes took place in Syria, where over 30,000 families received your support for Ramadhan.

    Families in Idlib, Aleppo, Hama, Homs and the besieged suburb of Ghouta benefitted from your contributions, alhamdulillah.

    Africa & Haiti

    Two thousand five hundred refugee families in Chad, who had escaped violence in the Central African Republic, were given provisions of maize, rice and oil. At the same time, Iftaar provisions were delivered to hundreds of rural families in Senegal and Gambia.

    Across the continent in Somalia, over 3,000 families across Banadir received rice, flour, oil and dates; while similar provisions were also provided to hundreds of families in Kassala, in nearby Sudan. Alhamdulillah, further south, 4,000 families in central Malawi received staples of maize and beans.

    Finally across the Atlantic in Haiti, 450 families - many of whom had recently accepted Islam - received Iftaar and hygiene supplies.


    Seven hundred families in Chechnya, and over 1,000 families Albania, also received your support this Ramadhan. Recipients of Iftaar packs included many widowed and orphaned families, alhamdulillah.

    May Allah accept the generosity of the charity's donors whose contributions allowed hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the globe to enjoy the blessed month of Ramadhan this year.