*Update* Rohingya Crisis Appeal

    Since the appeal on behalf of Rohingya in Burma was launched, Ummah Welfare has been overwhelmed with the magnificent response by donors and the resulting high level of donations.

    Alhamdulillah, given the response to date, Ummah Welfare Trust believes that it has sufficient funds for the foreseeable future to provide for and aid our Rohingya brothers and sisters in Arakan and neighbouring areas.

    Consequently, Ummah Welfare Trust has decided to close the Rohingya Crisis Appeal, for now.*

    Ummah Welfare Trust appreciates that donors will still be keen to continue offering donations for this cause but the charity has to be realistic in its assessment to expend these funds, which have not always been easy in volatile areas like Arakan.

    It will also not benefit Ummah Welfare Trust's akhirah if it continues to collect your donations while not being able to fulfil the strict conditions placed upon them.

    Ummah Welfare Trust will continue to monitor the situation in Burma closely and assures you, that in the event of needing more funds for the Rohingya, it will allocate funds from its 'Most Needy' project to cater for their needs.

    Finally, Ummah Welfare Trust calls on the government of Burma and all communities to make every effort towards restoring dignity of Rohingya people in Burma, and requests donors to sincerely pray for the oppressed Muslims here.

    * Funds still being raised for the Rohingya through community events, JustGiving, etc. will still be collected by charity, and used to deliver relief to the Rohingya.