Ramadhan Relief in Nepal

    Following the earthquake disaster that shook Nepal in April this year, Ummah Welfare Trust has been working hard with local partners to support affected families.

    Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan efforts have reflected this. The charity has supported 600 families in the Sunsari and Gorkha districts with Iftaar supplies this month

    Families have each received 25kg of rice along with other essentials. Alhamdulillah, recipients have made much du'a for Ummah Welfare Trust's generous donors.

    'The most excellent sadaqah consists in your satisfying a hungry stomach.'

    Relief efforts are on-going. Iftaar provisions are also being delivered to families in the Koshi, Bagmati and Mechi regions. Ummah Welfare Trust asks Allah to accept these efforts and grant it the ability to reach families previously unreached.