New School Uniforms in Gambia

    Alhamdulillah, thanks to your donations, Ummah Welfare Trust recently provided new uniforms to 500 madrassah students in rural Gambia.

    Alhamdulillah, children received new made-to-measure clothing in which to learn and study the Qur'an.

    During surveys, fieldworkers noticed that many children's clothing was not sufficient to even cover their 'satr'. This project was therefore hugely beneficial, alhamdulillah.

    Students from the following madrassahs received uniforms:

    - Madrassah Abu Musa al Ash'ary in Brikama
    - Madrassah Bintu Abu Bakr Siddiq in Sinchu Sore
    - Madrassaha Ja'far ibn Abi Talib in Yundum
    - Madrassah Abwabun Noor in Duwasu
    - Madrassah Uthman Faye in Sukuta

    The charity's support of underfunded schools in Gambia is reflective of its growing concern to impart much-needed knowledge and tarbiyyah across the Ummah.