A New Start in Chechnya

    Ummah Welfare Trust's new-livelihoods project for widows in Chechnya has been running for several years now. Tens of widows in the Republic have become independent, alhamdulillah

    Earlier in the year, widowed mother of four children, Gishlerkaeva Larisa, became the latest beneficiary, alhamdulillah.

    Larisa's husband was killed in a car crash almost 6 years ago. She was left to look after her daughter, Iman, and three sons: Rayane, Aymani and Mohammad.

    The family lived in a small room in Larisa's in-laws' home, and survived on a widows' pension and income earned from any cleaning jobs that Larisa could find.

    Being skilled in baking, Ummah Welfare Trust helped Larisa earlier in the year to procure an oven, freezer, baking equipment and raw ingredients.

    She has since been baking bread and sweets at her home which then she sells to local shops and market stalls. The income she earns is slowly growing and, more importantly, is regular.

    May Allah accept the donors' contributions that have helped Larisa on her way to gaining independence. Ameen.

    Date: May 2015