Qurbani Summary 2014

    Qurbani in Gaza

    Through the generosity of donors, 5,409 large animals and 7,404 small animals were sacrificed this year. The blessings of Eid ul Adha reached poor Muslim communities in 17 countries.


    Over 5,000 animals were sacrificed in Pakistan. Flood victims in Punjab; families in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan; and refugees who had fled fighting in North Waziristan, were all recipients of meat.

    The meat of a further 800 animals was delivered to poverty-stricken families in Afghanistan and Azad Kashmir.

    Over 2,500 cows were sacrificed in the Sunderbans, West Bengal, India. The Udhiyah meat was distributed across 715 villages in the district. In neighbouring Bangladesh, 100 animals were sacrificed and its meat distributed across the northern districts of Dinajpur and Panchargarh.

    Further east in Burma, over 579 cows were sacrificed. Meat was distributed in the districts of Ayarwaddy, Yangon and Arakan - where Rohingya Muslims continue to be persecuted. Alhamdulillah animals were also sacrificed and distributed to families in Mindanao, Southern Philippines.


    Efforts were increased in the Middle East this year, which continues to be gripped by violence. For long-suffering families in Syria, 1,500 sheep were sacrificed.

    In besieged Gaza, 50 cows and 119 sheep were sacrificed. Meat was distributed to 5,000 families in the strip. In Iraq, 20 animals were sacrificed for displaced families in the western province of Anbar.


    Thousands of animals were sacrificed in the land of the first hijrah. In the east, animals were sacrificed for Eritrean refugees in Sudan and displaced families in Somalia.

    In West Africa, goats and cows were provided to rural families in both Gambia and Senegal. And in Malawi, hundreds of goats were sacrificed in the district of Mangochi.


    Cows were sacrificed in Albania and Chechnya. Families around Tirana, capital of the former, and around Grozny, capital of the latter, received Udhiyyah meat alhamdulillah.