Ramadhan 2014 Summary

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    £5 million spent on this year's Ramadhan Programme

    Ummah Welfare Trust provided Iftaar packs to poor families in 18 countries this year. Alhamdulillah nearly 1 million Muslims received staple provisions, allowing them to fast the blessed days of Ramadhan.


    Focus in Pakistan this year was given to the massive displacement crisis suffered in North Waziristan. Fighting in the province in recent months has led to displaced of over 1 million people.

    Ummah Welfare Trust provided at least 20,000 war-affected families, now residing in Bannu with Iftaar provisions. Across Punjab, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a further 60,000 families received provisions.

    Across the border in Afghanistan, Iftaar packs were provided to 15,000 families alhamdulillah. Packs in both Pakistan and Afghanistan consisted of wheat flour, rice, ghee and sugar.

    Deeper in the subcontinent, over 850 families in the Sunderbans, India, and 700 families in Northern Bangladesh, received Iftaar packs. Rice in both countries formed the bulk of the provisions.

    In Burma, 3,000 displaced Rohingya families in Sittewe, each received 45kg of rice along with oil, noodles and wood for kindling. Across Meiktila, Yangon and Ayerwaddy, a further 3,000 families received provisions.

    Further east, in Mindanao, Southern Philippines, over 2,200 families receives staples of rice, flour, sugar and pasta.

    Middle East

    In support of its long-standing appeal for Muslims in Syria, Ummah Welfare Trust delivered a Ramadhan relief convoy worth £1.4 million - the charity's largest relief programme in the country to date.

    Nearly 55,000 families across Syria received supplies of food, water and baby biscuits. Families in Deir Ezzor, Damascus and southern Aleppo - all stationed near the front lines of fighting - were amongst those who received support alhamdulillah.

    In Gaza, 3,000 families received dry food packs at the start of Ramadhan. With the commencement of bombings however, Ummah Welfare Trust was forced to scale up relief efforts.

    The charity provided 1,200 displaced families in the strip with dry food packs and over 10,000 displaced persons with cooked Iftaar meals.

    In Western Iraq, where families have also had to contend with bombings and displacement, Ummah Welfare Trust provided food packs to families in Mosul, Ramadi and Baghdad. Over 1,000 families benefitted.

    Ummah Welfare Trust asks Allah to grant suffering families across the Middle East respite from the oppression and strife. Ameen.


    In Chad, over 6,300 refugee families, who have escaped brutal repression in the Central African Republic, were given Iftaar provisions consisting of maize, rice and oil.

    Further west, Ummah Welfare Trust provided Iftaar packs to 250 families in Senegal and 350 families in Gambia respectively.

    Across the continent in Somalia, families in Afgoye, Beledwyene and Banadir received rice, flour, pasta, cooking oil and dates. And in nearby Sudan, 200 displaced families from Eritrea received maize, sugar, oil and lintel.

    Rounding off the work in Africa, 1,100 families in central Malawi received staples of maize, beans and rice.

    Europe & Haiti

    On the Caribbean island of Haiti, 300 families - many of whom were new Muslims - received Iftaar provisions.

    Finally in Europe, nearly 600 families in rural Grozny, Chechnya, and over 2,000 families in and around Tirana, Albania, received provisions for Ramadhan alhamdulillah.

    May Allah accept the generosity of the charity's donors who contributions allowed hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the globe to enjoy the blessed month of Ramadhan this year. Ameen.

    Ramadhan in Syria