Eid al-Fitr 1436 Message

    'For every people there is a feast and this is our feast.'
    (Sahih al Bukhari)

    The day of happiness in Islam has arrived.
    Happiness upon staying hungry and thirsty for the sake of Allah.
    Happiness upon reciting the Quran, and listening to it during the nights.
    Happiness upon abstaining from sins, and worshipping our Lord.
    And happiness upon pleasing Him, and earning His forgiveness.


    Ummah Welfare Trust takes this opportunity to express its gratitude to you, its donors, whose generosity has helped many thousands of our brothers and sisters this Ramadhan.

    May Allah accept your fasting, worship and generosity; and may your reward be multiplied. May He accept your sacrifices, and those of Ummah Welfare Trust's volunteers, staff and field workers.

    And may Allah - whose Promise is true - have mercy upon the orphans and widows of this Ummah. May He change their anxieties into relief, and distress into happiness. Ameen.