The Wider War

    Bank Issues Notice to Ummah Welfare Trust to Close its Account

    As the attacks intensify in Gaza and innocent people continue to be killed, HSBC Bank has issued a two-month notice to Ummah Welfare Trust to close down its accounts.

    This is similar to what Barclays did to Ummah Welfare Trust during the previous Gaza war in 2008. A notice then was also served for the charity to close its accounts.

    Ummah Welfare Trust reassures supporters that, in response, the charity will increase its support to the orphans, widows and injured civilians in Gaza through its other bank accounts.

    Ummah Welfare Trust appeals to all people of conscience; and those who champion Human Rights, International Law and Justice; to support the charity by the following means:

    1. Write to HSBC bank asking them to resume business with Ummah Welfare Trust by emailing; phoning 08456 040 626 or 08457 60 60 60; or tweeting them at @HSBCUKBusiness.

    2. Inform your contacts worldwide that if HSBC denies services to Ummah Welfare Trust then consider boycotting HSBC.

    3. Continue donating to the charity at to increase our aid to the Palestinians.

    4. If HSBC persists on punishing a charity for working in Gaza then we request you make a moral and ethical decision by taking your business to other banks.

    For all media enquiries and other enquiries relating to this issue, please email or call 01204 661 037.


    For Concerned Donors

    Please note that Ummah Welfare Trust have been given 2 months notice. During this period it will continue to have normal banking services with HSBC. Therefore there will be no impact to donors.

    Those who donate online can still continue do so, as this has no link with HSBC. Funds online are managed by a merchant service and not HSBC.

    There is no impact to standing orders. Transfers to another bank account are done through an automated process and donors therefore do not have to do anything. Donors with standing orders will be informed about new bank details once confirmed.

    Bank transfers are also not affected. Donors can still transfer funds to Ummah Welfare Trust's current HSBC account since the account can still be used for two months.

    Donors should be assured that Ummah Welfare Trust has other bank accounts which will be used to continue the relief efforts.

    Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions.