UWT distributes $135,000 in Gaza & a further $350,000 worth of medical equipment have been purchased

    Gaza Appeal Update
    25 February 2009

    UWT distributes $135,000 in Gaza & a further $350,000 worth of medical equipment have been purchased

    Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) have distributed $135,000 worth of cash on Monday (23-02-2009) in Gaza to 130 Palestinian families. The families were chosen from those most hit by recent Israeli offensive on the coastal enclave. The donations were distributed in co-ordination with the Al-Imdaad Foundation from South Africa.

    Our representatives have recently travelled to Egypt and Jordan. They have purchased medical equipment worth $350,000 and will be going to Gaza within the next few days. Whilst our representatives are in Gaza, they will make further assessment of the immediate needs of the affected people.

     />Subhi al Sammuni, dean of al-Sammuni clan, valued the  					donations offered by UWT. Twenty-nine people from al-Sammuni  					clan were killed by Israeli artillery and missile shelling  					targeting a house they were forced by Israeli troops to  					gather in.<br />
<br />
Speaking on behalf of 30 families that received cash  					donation from UWT, Sammuni said
    Iyad al-Jaru, a member of the committee representing the damaged families in eastern Gaza expressed deep thanks and gratitude to the UWT which offered this immediate financial support. 'This is a step in the right direction,' he said.

    What is required from the welfare societies is to donate to the ruined families who have lost their homes, food and clothes. 'The relief supplies offered to the people here are being distributed haphazardly,' he said calling for providing funds to the families affected by the Israeli attack.

    UWT reaches its 1 million appeal target

    Alhamdulillah, with the support of all our donors, UWT has reached its 1 million appeal target, we would like to reassure our donors that we are spending this money as quickly as possible.

    UWT is still raising funds for the people of Gaza, as a lot more funds are needed to bring the lives of the affected Palestinians to a semblance of normality, with this in mind UWT have increased the appeal target to 1.5 million.

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