Emergency Appeals

    Ramadhan Iftaar Appeal 2017
    Alhamdulillah as Ramadhan enters our sights again. As we prepare for its blessed days once more however, we mustn't forget the millions across the
    25 April 2017

    Syria Medical Aid Appeal
    Civilians in Syria continue to suffer horrific injuries due to barrel bombs, sniper attacks, incendiary weapons and more. With hospitals also being b
    22 November 2016

    Africa Drought Appeal
    A massive drought is once again devastating the lives of our brothers and sisters in East Africa. Two consecutive dry seasons have resulted in lak
    01 April 2016

    Yemen Crisis Appeal
    Like much of the Middle East, Yemen has suffered huge instability and violence following the Arab Spring in 2011. Nationwide protests led to civil
    15 April 2015

    Iraq Emergency Appeal
    An already dire situation for many of Iraq's Muslims continues to worsen. Massive fighting for Iraq's second city of Mosul continues to take civilia
    03 March 2014

    Syria Appeal
    The conflict in Syria rages. Fives years on and savage violence continues to be meted out on a civilian population whose only crime was to desi
    22 February 2012