Iraq Emergency Appeal

    An already dire situation for Iraq's Muslims has worsened considerably. Massive fighting across the north and the west of the country in the past year has killed thousands of civilians, and left thousands more with nothing.

    One of the world's oldest cities, Mosul, has been completely destroyed. Allahul musta'an, countless civilians today lay under its rubble. Over half a million of its residents meanwhile have fled to sprawling camps in the desert where they're receiving little or no aid.

    The fruits of a liberation, the humanitarian crisis across Iraq remains catastrophic. Around 3 million people are displaced, over a million of whom, mostly women and children, are surviving in tents. Absolute poverty amongst this community remains endemic.

    The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:
    'No man forsakes a Muslim when his rights are being violated or his honour is being belittled except that Allah will forsake him at a place in which he would love to have His help.

    And no man helps a Muslim at a time when his honour is being belittled or his rights violated except that Allah will help him at a place in which he loves to have His help.'

    [Sunan Abi Dawud]

    Ummah Welfare Trust has been working in Iraq since 2005. Through the past year, the charity has been providing assistance to families fleeing the fire and smoke of Mosul as well as to displaced families in Baghdad, Anbar and other areas.

    Alongside their Syrian brethren, Iraq's Muslims continue to face some of the worst humanitarian conditions in the world. Donate your Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah today to help alleviate their suffering.