A Camp for Widows & Orphans

    The crisis in Syria is well into its third year. The oppression has taken its toll as widows and orphans now populate the many displacement camps and relief centres.

    Ummah Welfare Trust has established a camp in Sarmada (close to Bab ul Hawa), inside Syria, to support widowed and orphaned families. The camp houses 100 families and caters for their every need inshaAllah.

    Families have been provided with mattresses, clothing, blankets, kitchen utensils, hygiene kits and given freshly cooked food twice a day.

    The camp has a masjid, free schooling for children and segregated toilet facilities. A newly-drilled borhole, families also have access to a permanent supply of water.

    Please donate to help support the running of this camp. The believer remains committed to helping his brethren and pleasing Allah. He does not tire nor start procrastinating; rather he continues increasing his endeavours until he meets his Maker.

    Help the widows and orphans of Syria.

    September 2013 Update - 'The Ummah Camp' by Shoyeb Adat, UWT Relief & Development Manager

    Residents here have many stories to tell. They have suffered the deaths of loved ones, the destruction of their homes and dispossession. Despite all this however, what is amazing is the gratefulness they show to the Almighty and to all those who have assisted them.

    It was an honour for us to spend some time with these people, especially in this blessed land of Sham.

    Alhamdulillah Ummah Welfare Trust has created a secure environment at the Ummah Camp for these families. They will be able to live in peace until the conflict is over inshaAllah. With your help, the charity will continue to take care of their needs with the on-going provision of food, shelter, education and health care bi 'ithnillah.

    The Ummah Welfare Trust team is grateful to Allah the Almighty and then to the donors, whose efforts have made this project possible. We ask you to please continue helping this worthy and noble cause inshaAllah. May Allah accept your efforts. Ameen.