Help Feed a Million this Ramadhan (2012)

    Allah in His infinite Mercy will give us glad tidings of Ramadhan once again; a time of restraint and worship; and a time when we remember those less fortunate than us.

    This Ramadhan Ummah Welfare Trust plans to distribute specially-made Iftar packs to hundreds of thousands of families across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The aim is to feed one million Muslims throughout Ramadhan inshaAllah.

    'Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his reward.'
    - Sunan at-Tirmidhi

    One Iftar Pack will cost £50 and will feed a family for the entire month. Ummah Welfare Trust asks you to donate for as many packs as possible inshaAllah.

    Iftaar packs will be distributed to families in Albania, Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Gambia, Gaza, Jordan (to Iraqi, Palestinian and Syrian refugees), Haiti, India, Niger, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Malawi and the Philippines.

    You can also donate your Sadaqatul Fitr which will be distributed by the charity to poor Muslims on the day of Eid.

    The best charity is that given in Ramadhan.’
    – Sunan at-Tirmidhi

    We are witnesses to the increasing trials and afflictions that are befalling this Ummah. This Ramadhan we have a chance to follow the example of Allah’s Messenger Salallahu ‘alaihi wasallam and increase our charitable endeavours inshaAllah.

    Allah’s Messenger Salallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said,
    Whoever walks to fulfil the needs of his brother, this is better for him than performing Itikaf for ten years. And whoever performs Itikaf for (just) one day, seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah will place three trenches between him and the fire of Hell. Each trench is wider than the distance between the Two Wings (the expanse of the East and West).’
    - At-Tabarani





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