West Africa Appeal

    Over 13 million people in the Sahel region of Africa are facing hunger and starvation. Fewer rains, low crop yields and high prices induced from abroad, have squeezed millions of in the region. They now face a terrible situation.

    In Niger, infrequent rains and locust invasions have decimated harvests in the central and western areas. As a result, prices for cereals are well above the seasonal average for the past 5 years. Over 6 million people are at risk of hunger.

    Harvests have been bad for four years now. Allah knows best; the situation is likely to get worse. In June the lean season begins when food supplies typically thin out and prices rise. The problem this year is that food supplies have been thinning out since January.

    The influx of refugees from Mali has also exacerbated the food crisis in the Sahel. Extra strain has been placed on many vulnerable communities, some of whom have been reduced to eating wild seeds and plants to survive.

    Ibn Umar Radiallahu ‘anhu narrates that Allah’s Messenger Salallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said,

    Indeed Allah has a creation whom he has created for the need of mankind. People rush towards them in their time of need. They (the people towards whom the needy rush) will be free from the punishment of Allah.’

    –  At-Tabarani


    Opportunities to earn Allah’s favour continue to arise for many of us. Last year Ummah Welfare Trust called to its donors for our brothers and sisters in East Africa and they responded, alhamdulillah. The charity is asking again, this time for our brothers and sisters in West Africa.

    Ummah Welfare Trust will distribute tens of thousands of food packages across the region and will help families throughout this Ramadhan inshaAllah.

    Please help the charity in undertaking this noble project and open your hearts once again by
    donating generously.

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