India Flood Appeal

    India Floods - Image

    Devastating monsoon rains in India have inundated large parts of the country’s north east.

    More than four million people have been affected in the floods which have killed scores of people, engulfed 3000 villages and destroyed thousands of homes.

    The states of Assam, Orissa, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal are the worst hit.

    Thousands of people are now stranded, living on rooftops or sleeping out in the open, on railway lines and next to highways.

    Rivers have burst their banks flooding thousands of acres of paddy fields and drowning livestock. Inevitably, for a people so reliant on subsistence agriculture, the impact has been catastrophic.

    Half a million people are estimated to have been affected in the state of Bihar alone. Described as India’s failed state, Bihar has the lowest average income in the country with one seventh of all Indians below the poverty line residing there.

    UWT is already on the ground in Bihar and is currently carrying out assessments in preparation for a relief campaign.

    We have launched an emergency appeal for India’s flood victims and intend to provide emergency relief to thousands of families who have been displaced or lost their livelihoods.