Pakistan Floods

    Ummah Welfare Trust is responding to the heavy monsoon rains which have flooded large parts of Pakistan for the second year in succession.

    Hundreds of people have already died with the number expected to rise. About 900 villages have been submerged and hundreds of thousands of homes have been completely destroyed. Approximately seven million people are affected.

    The new flooding compounds the suffering caused by massive flooding last year as a result of which more than 800,000 families remain without permanent shelter and more than a million people in need of food assistance.

    Thousands of acres of standing crops have been destroyed. Poultry farms, fish farms and grazing areas have also been submerged. For a people so dependent on agriculture, the effects of this flooding have been devastating. Many were already in the lap of poverty as failed rains before August had dried up the land.

    With your support, Ummah Welfare Trust has been working to alleviate the suffering since the first day of the crisis. Tent and medical camps have been set up in two of the worst affected areas, Badin and Mirpurkhas, providing the basic necessities to thousands of families.


    Relief Update 19/09/2011

    UWT is providing food packs for 10,000 families and kitchen utensils for 5000.  Each food pack is designed to suffice a family for one month.  In addition to this a cooked food programme has been initiated which will benefit 150,000 families. With the imminent arrival of winter, UWT is also distributing winter clothing to 5000 families.


    In Badin, where over 300,000 have been left homeless, Ummah Welfare Trust has established an ‘Ummah’ tent camp. In Mirpurkhas, a tent camp and a mobile medical clinic have been established where the sick can access medical care. Patients with more serious conditions are being referred to secondary care hospitals. Hundreds of patients have already been treated against common diseases.

    Just £185 can provide a flood relief package which includes:

    - Food pack comprising of 5kg rice, 20kg wheat flour, 2kg salt, 5kg pulses (dhaal), 5kg ghee, matches)

    - Kitchen Utensil Set consisting of 6 tea cups, 6 large plates, 6 small plates, 6 spoons, 1 jug with 6 glasses, basket, small cauldron, large saucepan, 1 large cooking spoon, kettle.

    - Food for 30 days for one family. Cooked rice with drinking water will be served at lunch and dinner

    - Family Tent

    - Winter clothing for one family consisting of 12 sets of clothing for both males and females.

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