Water Wells


    Sa’ad Ibn ‘Ubadah, asked, "Apostle of Allah, what form of Sadaqah is the best?" He replied, 'Water.' -Abu Dawood

    UN studies estimate that up to 10 million people are still at risk of drinking contaminated water.

    The 2010 floods in Pakistan destroyed much of the infrastructure for supplying water while also contaminating water sources in many parts of the country. There are now severe shortages of clean water in the flood affected areas, posing a serious threat of epidemics.

    You can help UWT continue in its commitment to providing clean water for the needy around the world. For only £650 pounds, you can provide a water well for a flood affected village. Water wells eradicate the dependence on irregular water hand-outs that many victims are currently enduring.


    To date 30 wells have been completed and digging is set to begin on another 35 in the immediate future.


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