Masjid Construction

    'Uthman Radiyallāhu ‘anh says that he heard the Messenger of Allah Salallahu ‘alaihi wasallam say: "Whoever builds a masjid, desiring thereby Allāh's pleasure, Allāh builds for him the like of it in paradise." -Bukhari

    UWT is appealing for funds to reconstruct as many destroyed masjids as possible. The beating hearts of communities through Pakistan, these institutions have played a crucial role in rehabilitating the victims after the floods.

    The cost of a large Masjid, which caters for 210 people, is £11,450

    The cost of a small Masjid, which caters for 110 people, is £5,700

    Once a donation for a masjid has been received, reconstruction and feedback for it will be provided within six months.You can also choose to have a plaque engraved into the wall of the masjid mentioning the donor's name, and you can also give the masjid a name of your choosing.

    Masjid Reconstruction Image House Reconstruction Image

    To date, seven masjids have been completed while six masjids are currently under construction. Seventeen more are on the waiting list. Each masjid also has a madrasah to teach and educate the many children who have missed out on the opportunity to learn about Islam.