Ramadhan Appeal 2011

    Every year Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala blesses us with the month of Ramadhan. A time when His mercy descends and when we can attain His nearness.

    For many in the world, this Ramadhan will be a time of difficulty and hardship. But for many others, including us, this Ramadhan can be a time of compassion and selflessness and a chance to earn great reward.

    Alhamdulillah this year Ummah Welfare Trust is implementing several Ramadhan projects across the Ummah. So please extend your hand with Ummah Welfare Trust and feed, gift and embrace Muslims across the world.


    UWT operates in the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Chechnya, Gambia, Ghana, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Kenya, Malawi, Philippines, Somalia, Burma, Haiti, Kashmir, Pakistan, Palestine, Sudan