Libya Appeal

    Opening our hearts for Libya

    Maymun bin Mahran said:

    Ibn ‘Umar (Radiyallāhu ‘Anhu) was given 22,000 dirhams in a gathering. He did not get up from that gathering until he had given it all away.

    - Sifat as-Safwah, 1/214 -222

    A violent political sea change is leading to a huge humanitarian crisis in Libya. Thousands of families are fleeing - and still attempting to flee - to neighbouring regions as the civil strife escalates. UN reports are describing the current outflow of refugees as one of the ‘biggest humanitarian evacuations in history.’

    The situation inside the country is possibly even more serious. Under the fog of war, relief efforts are struggling to reach those who are still trapped. They are running out of food and medical supplies and living in a constant state of fear.

    And with current air strikes set to last ‘a while yet’, it is crucial that relief efforts, along with contingency supplies, are maintained for all the victims suffering in the inevitable fallout.

    UWT is currently prioritising medical supplies and has sent an ambulance to facilitate relief efforts. 

    UWT has launched a £500,000 emergency appeal for the victims in the region.

    The trust asks you to give generously and open your hearts for those suffering amidst one of the biggest geopolitical events of recent times.